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Gerald Penz

Gerald Penz is an internationally renowned specialist in the operational history of the Imperial and Royal Air Force. His work focuses on military aviation on the southwestern front. In this context, the aviation companies play a central role within the complex organizational structure of the 11th Army (Tyrol), 10th Army (Carinthia), and especially the 5th Army (Isonzo). An extensive bibliography and his regular activities as a speaker at symposia and specialized events in Austria and abroad prove him to be one of the most profound experts on Austro-Hungarian military aviation. Gerald Penz lives and works in Vienna.

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Marcus F Zelezny

Marcus F. Zelezny graduated from HTL (Department of Aeronautical Engineering) and studied mechanical engineering at the Vienna University of Technology, specialising in lightweight and aircraft construction (Dr. techn.). He worked for many years worldwide for a multinational IT company, most recently as an industrial expert for energy and natural resources. The enthusiasm for aviation has never left the glider pilot and trained aircraft builder, and he has been researching early civil and military aviation history with a technological focus for a long time. Numerous publications in specialist journals as well as lectures in museums and archives. Marcus F. Zelezny lives and works in Vienna.

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Karl Albrecht Kubinzky

Karl Albrecht Kubinzky studied geography and history in Graz (Mag. rer. nat., Dr. phil). This was followed by many years of teaching (prof.) at the Karl Franzens University in Graz, at the Graz University of Technology and at the University of Salzburg. 

As a doyen and "personified competence centre for Graz city history" (C. Drexler), he is the "Graz representative" of the Provincial Historical Commission and a member of the board of trustees of the Universalmuseum Joanneum. The important "Kubinzky Collection" on Graz city history is as extensive as it is legendary. Numerous exhibitions, non-fiction books, prizes and awards.

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Bernhard Valta

Bernhard Valta war jahrzehntelang selbstständiger Möbelrestaurator. Sein Antiquitäten-Werkstattbuch erhielt einen Preis vom Land Steiermark.


Geprägt von der Atmosphäre der Siebziger- bis Nullerjahre schreibt er vorwiegend humorvolle Kurzgeschichten und Gedichte mit biografischem Bezug, aber auch Artikel über die Schöcklregion.


Sein Interesse an den Europäischen Kulturhauptstädten führte zu einem Buch über Lettland und weiteren Essays über die aktuellen Länder.
Bernhard Valta lebt in Vasoldsberg. 

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Christoph Mindek

“CRIST” is a freelance artist and graphic designer in Salzburg.


He primarily produces ink drawings, illustrations, graphics, branding and artwork and uses photography, printing and stencil.


CRIST has made a name for itself in the Salzburg street art scene with a series of powerful portraits. 

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Daniele Pabinger

Daniele Pabinger has been an editor at the “Salzburger Nachrichten” for many years and is currently working in the online team.  In October 2019 she initiated the weekly column “Kulturklauberin” in the SN “Kultur extra”.


Pabinger studied journalism, communication sciences and English at the University of Salzburg with a focus on cultural and art theory as well as media (art) history.

The cultural journalist has published numerous articles in art and cultural specialist magazines (including “EIKON. International magazine for photography and media art”, Springerin. Booklets for contemporary art), “Camera Austria International”, “material” (magazine of the Depot Vienna) and “Neue Bildende Art.” In Vienna she co-curated exhibitions of young art at the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig.

The journalist lives with her family in Salzburg.

Image by Brandi Redd
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