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Shipping and delivery

We are happy to send you all ordered books, billets (minimum quantity 5 pieces) and other products worldwide (see below). All orders are generally processed immediately and are almost always dispatched on the same day as the order (the next working day at the latest). We also attach great importance to firm and secure packaging. This is already included in the shipping costs at no extra charge.

The stated delivery times are usually observed by the post office, but may vary and cannot be influenced by us. Even with the fastest possible processing on our part, we cannot guarantee that the delivery times will be met, especially in non-European countries. If other shipping methods are desired, please send us an enquiry.

We constantly strive to find the most favourable shipping rate for you and to ensure reliable delivery. In principle, ECO (standard) and priority rates are possible. We generally recommend Priority. The price difference is relatively small, but the delivery can be tracked at no extra charge (shipment tracking) and the shipping time is significantly shorter. 

You will receive a shipping confirmation by e-mail, as well as a tracking link, if applicable, with which you can track the package. Unfortunately, self-collection is not possible.

Shipping rates for billets 
(Minimum order quantity 5 pieces)

                                                                  Shipping costs (Packing/Postage)                        Delivery times

Austria                                                                             free                                                2 - 3 Working days
EU countries/rest of Europe                                 4,60 €                                              2 - 4 Working days
Worldwide                                                                    9,60 €.                                             3 - 7 Working days

Shipping rates for books


The shipping rates for books depend on the format and weight. They are therefore indicated in the shopping basket for the respective book and apply to a packaged copy. Example: (size 35,3x25,0x3,0 cm; max. 2 kg):

                                                                         Shipping costs** (Packing/Postage)                  Delivery times


up to 30,00 €                                                                   4,00 €                                           2 - 3 Working  days

from 30,00 €                                                                      free                                              2 - 3 Working  days
EU countries/rest of Europe*                                8,25 €                                            2 - 4 Working  days
Worldwide*                                                                 13,60 €                                            3 - 7 Working days


** Shipment tracking free of charge   

** Priority                                         



    European Union: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark (without Greenland and Faroe Islands), Germany (without Helgoland, Büsingen), Estonia, Finland (without Aland Islands), France (incl. Monaco, without Guadeloupe, Franz. Guiana, Martinique, Mayotte, Réunion, St. Pierre and Miquelon), Greece (excl. Mount Athos), Ireland, Italy (excl. Campione d'Italia, Lake Lugano, without Livigno), Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands (without Netherlands Antilles), Poland, Portugal (with Azores, Madeira), Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (without Canary Islands, Melilla, Ceuta), Czech Republic, Hungary, Republic of Cyprus (without Turkish northern part); and all future Member States as of their accession.

    Rest of Europe: Aland Islands (Finland), Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Mount Athos (Greece), Bosnia-Herzegovina, Büsingen (Germany), Ceuta (Spain), Faroe Islands (Denmark), Georgia, Gibraltar, Greenland (Denmark), Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Guernsey (Great Britain), Heligoland (Germany), Jersey (United Kingdom), Isle of Man (United Kingdom), Iceland, Canary Islands (Spain), Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Livigno (Italy), Northern Macedonia, Melilla (Spain), Montenegro, Moldova, Norway, Russian Federation, San Marino, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Vatican City, Cyprus (Turkish northern part).



    All countries and territories not assigned to the European Union and Rest of Europe tariff zones.

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