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The Old Court in Munich has existed since the founding of the city. Many Wittelsbach stories have taken place here in the Alte Veste, and one would love to hear the walls speak. But it is true that Duke Ludwig II. owned a tame monkey. And in the high bay window, the subsequent monkey tower, it happened once that the monkey wanted to do it like a wet nurse and took the newborn duke's son (also a Ludwig) in an unnoticed moment. The horrified court immediately chased after the monkey, which fled with the child in panic over the skylight to the top of the tower of the bay window. Blankets and straw were already spread out, and everyone stared spellbound and breathlessly up at the two of them. But nothing happened. The long silence led to general calm, the monkey brought little Ludwig back to bed, and the later Emperor Ludwig (the Bavarian) could not remember the whole monkey theater later on.

Nobody knows anymore what became of the monkey at that time, but children still like to be in the Old Court in Munich.

Old court, Munich

  • Card size 12.0 x 17.0 cm (opened 24.0 x 17.0 cm)

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