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Around the turn of the last century, Vienna was a huge building site, with many new buildings being constructed on the way to becoming a metropolis. But both this urban reorganisation and the consequences of the coming wars led to the irretrievable loss of many historic buildings and structures. By a lucky coincidence, a valuable collection of old photographs of the inner city, the suburbs and the suburbs has been preserved. They show once again the lost city gates and bastions, palaces, castles and villas, public and private buildings, as they characterised the face of Old Vienna for many generations. A treat for city historians!

Das Wien von Gestern (I)

  • Marcus F. Zelezny studied mechanical engineering at the Vienna University of Technology, specialising in lightweight and aircraft construction (Dr. techn.). For many years he worked worldwide for a multinational IT company, most recently as an industry expert for energy and raw materials. He has been researching the history of Vienna and early aviation for many years. Numerous publications in specialised journals and lectures in museums and archives. Marcus F. Zelezny lives and works in Vienna.


    Olaf Stanger studied medicine and history in Vienna, London and Graz. Many years of clinical and scientific work as a cardiovascular surgeon. Historical works and publications specialising in the Middle Ages and early modern times.

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