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Here we are at Franziskanerplatz near the Calves' Quarter. The Hungarian cattle and the meat banks are long gone, but the Franciscans are still there. Their monastery with church (right) was founded by the Minorites almost 800 years ago and they have always been held in high esteem. The small square (left) used to be called "in der Höll", but at some point it became, hopefully more appropriately, Kapaunplatz. Because the inn there probably served quite a lot of these fattened roosters, which was equally appreciated. 


This is how this square came into being over many hundreds of years and is very lively, especially during Advent. Chestnuts, punch and lots of sweets are available here. Children in Graz know this, of course. And where there are children, Father Christmas is not far away at this time.

Calves Quarter, Graz

  • Card size 12.0 x 17.0 cm (opened 24.0 x 17.0 cm)

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