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On entering paradise, Piktor saw all life in constant transformation and perfection. He found a magic crystal and was spontaneously transformed into a tree. Piktor grew, grew roots and leaves and was satisfied. Only after many years did he realize that his happiness was not perfect, because he could no longer transform himself. He always remained a tree, which made him old and sad, tired and worried.
One day, by chance, a girl came near him, and again the longing for happiness, for the mystery of life took hold of him. Now he understood that he had forgotten something then. He gathered all the life force together and when the girl sat down at his trunk her heart was filled with the same wish. Then a bird dropped the magic crystal, and as soon as she lifted it, it was fulfilled and they became one. More than that, they had now become a whole, and from hour to hour the magic current of becoming and transformation flowed through all limbs. In every form they were a pair, were moon and sun, had man and woman within them, and finally stood as a double star in the sky.

(after Hermann Hesse)

Pictors Metamorphosis

  • Card size 12.0 x 17.0 cm (opened 24.0 x 17.0 cm)

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