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“Those who want to fly must have the courage to leave the ground.”

(W. Ludin)


The conquest of heaven

It was exciting. It was the time of engineers, technicians and constructors. New ground was broken every day and the impossible was made possible. In aviation, Lilienthal and the Wrights had set milestones, and the French engines were still the best. But soon the Austrians were able to catch up with their own designs and Ferdinand Porsche would set entirely new standards in engine construction. The best aviators of the time met in Wiener Neustadt and in Aspern. Those were the days of great ideas and bold visions, of hard work and of great courage and skill. In the race for the technical lead, limits were constantly overcome and a lot of small woods were made in the process. For there was much to gain, but also everything to lose.


The stories of the early constructors and aviators in Austria (Hungary) is also the story of the long road from the first cross-country flight to the scheduled crossing of the Alps. It is timeless, exciting and largely untold.


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